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Boost Coin Announces Partnership With NZT Capital

Developers of the Boost ecosystem have more exciting news, and it’s still early in the game. Its decentralized exchange, BoostSwap, and native Boost Coin are familiar in the crypto space The Boost DeFi app is available on all app stores with over 16,000 members and has recently announced a partnership with crypto hedge fund NZT Capital.

NZT Capital is a crypto-catalyst company that is committed to monthly injections and has the Boost community in high spirits for what’s to come. The company believes that its alliance with NZT Capital and the release of the Boost DeFi app in mid-November could be favorable e for its future Analysts have projected Boost Coin skyrocketing to over $1 once Boost DeFi is launched.

BoostSwap claims that it has all the best features of its direct competitors like UniSwap.. With almost 9,000 holders, Boost Coin is being endorsed by first-time investors, celebrities, influencers and heavy hitters in the crypto industry. BoostSwap is live and embedded directly into Boost DeFi, as well as the free limit order feature, which now supports ETH and BNB. The financial tool BoostFolio, a portfolio tracking feature, is nearly complete and will be a portfolio tracking feature that will allow users to connect their wallets. BoostFolio is comparable to Zerion and will be available November 15, with BoostCharts following shortly behind.


Additionally, Boost DeFi users can look forward to BoostFarming, BoostTools which is similar to DexTools, a chat feature, an education tab and a news tab with the most current information from major crypto outlets. The Boost DeFi chats feature is live and has an active NFT chat as well chats focused on general crypto, general stocks and Boost Coin. There’s a lot to look forward to for the Boost community. In celebration of all the new developments, Boost has been doing amazing giveaways and contests. Most recently, they offered reimbursement of taxes and gas fees for anyone that bought over 1 ETH of Boost within the next three hours of the announcement.

Boost’s development team has been in the blockchain space since 2014 and like NZT Capital, they see the huge potential in blockchain technology. With a new hedge fund partnership, the Boost DeFi app and Boost Coin, the company is confident about its future as it is still nascent. The Boost Coin Twitter said it best,

“Almost 9000 holders… the key to a long term project is the holders growing daily…. A lot of people are joining our community every day. Just remember, we’re so young.”

To become a part of the Boost community or stay on top of giveaways and announcements by keeping up on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Discord, Telegram or Instagram. You can also visit its website or download the iOS and Android app.

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