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Your Pixel 6's “At a Glance” Widget Is About to Get Even Smarter


One of the Pixel 6’s best exclusive features is the upgraded At a Glance widget, which shows current weather info, boarding passes, commute times, and other important information on your lockscreen. But Google could push the Pixel 6’s At a Glance widget even further with a future update.

Our friends at 9to5Google decompiled the latest version of the Android System Intelligence app (formerly known as Device Personalization Services) for the Pixel 6 and discovered references to brand new At a Glance capabilities.

Interestingly, some of these new At a Glance features tap into apps like Google Clock, Personal Safety, and your fitness app of choice—check out the full list of new At a Glance features below.

  • At a Store: Automatically brings up your shopping list or rewards card when you’re in a store.
  • Bedtime: Reminds you when it’s almost time for bed using the Clock app.
  • Connected Devices: Shows connected Bluetooth devices and their battery life.
  • Doorbell: Shows who’s at the door when your smart doorbell rings.
  • Fitness: Pulls daily step counts and other activity from your fitness app.
  • Flashlight: Reminds you that your flashlight is on.
  • Safety Check: Performs a Safety Check countdown from the Personal Safety app.
  • Timer & Stopwatch: A quick timer and stopwatch tool from the Clock app.

There’s no guarantee that Google will add these At a Glance features to Pixel 6. That said, the company is currently testing “Timer & Stopwatch” in the Android 12 beta and previously teased “At a Store” in an Android 12 advertisement.

We don’t know when these new features will arrive on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, if ever. And while Google could add these features to older Pixel phones, we expect them to debut on the Pixel 6.

Source: 9to5Google via XDA Developers

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