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11 Types Of Women You Will Meet In A Nigerian Market

Nigerian market women are a special breed. From the one that has imaginary beef with you to the one who will not allow you to price her things. Here’s a list of women you will meet in a Nigerian market.

1. The ones that want to sell you everything they have in their shop

“You no go buy shoe? What of bag? I get makeup sef and fine lace.”

2. The woman that doesn’t want to be there but owns a shop 

Her children probably bought it for her to keep busy. She will just be pressing phone while you pass and she won’t make an attempt to stop you. She doesn’t need your money.

3. The woman who will tell you all her life problems while packing what you bought. 

This one won’t stop talking. From the moment you enter her shop to the moment you start looking at goods. Cho-cho-cho. She will talk about the government, about the market, even about her son who was caught stealing meat last night.

4. The judgemental woman 

Before you even enter her shop, you can sense the vibes. When you’re trying on the clothes, she will ask where you want to wear it to. And sometimes you are tempted to ask why she is judging you, since she is selling the clothes in the first place.

5. The woman eating and doesn’t want to be disturbed 

And it will be rice and beans that she made in her house and put inside cooler. For her eyes, you will know you shouldn’t even bother entering the shop. For her eyes, you will know you shouldn’t even bother entering the shop. 

6. The woman that will make you her a relative

“My fine aunty, come now” If you are not her aunty,  you are her sister or her wife. You are sha now related to her by money and you must buy from her.

7. The woman that swears you’ve bought something from her before 

“Don’t you remember me, sister?” She will continue describing the day she sold something to you even though you’ve never been to that market. All na system.

8. The woman that never has change 

Once you bring out ₦1k she will start squeezing face. “But you should have told me na.” She won’t help you look for change and she can even tell you she’s not selling again.

9. The woman who keeps telling her customers to wait that she will attend to them when she has not attended to ones waiting in her shop

She thinks she can attend to everyone at the same time and it can be really annoying. 

10. The woman that will insult you for wasting her time 

After all the pricing and testing, you decide not to buy the item again, this woman will cuss your life out. You better come correct. 

11. The woman that won’t allow you price the thing you want to buy 

Once you try to price, she will say, “Kukuma steal it na.” She will even drive you out of her shop.

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