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6 Pieces of Clothing that are Destroying Your Heavenly Race

Because we care so much about your heavenly race, we’ve decided to come up with a list of things you need to stop wearing ASAP so you don’t find yourself dancing alanta with the Devil when you die. 

1. Ties

They called something “tie” and you too, you’re carrying your coconut head to go and wear it. You need to ask questions. What am I tying? Is it my destiny? Why is this thing around my neck? Did my ancestors wear this thing? There are so many questions. Before you wear something, please use discernment. 

2. Anything with spikes

17 Spiked Jewelry Pieces

First of all, why are you wearing anything that has chuku chuku? Do you want to injure someone? Imagine getting to the gates of heaven and as you’re jumping because Angel Gabriel says you can go in, you swing your arm and your spiked bracelet injures someone. That’s assault at the pearly gates. Do you think they will still let you in? 

3. Any type of hair attachment. Yes, even wigs. 

The hair the Lord gave you, is it not enough for you? Why are you adding extra things to it? The worst is when you go and add HUMAN HAIR. Why are you using human body parts? Are you a ritualist? . 

4. Jeans

19,518 Ripped Jeans Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Look, we don’t have all the information in the world. But  we’ve done some in-depth research and found out that even the jeans you’re wearing is destroying your heavenly race. I mean, this lady seems pretty confident that jeans were originally called “Global Uniform of Anti-Christ (GUA)”. So next time you see someone wearing jeans, don’t say, “Take off those jeans. They’re demonic”. Instead say, “Unclad yourself! For those GUAs are taking you to the lake of fire where you will weep and gnash your teeth.”

5. Bracelets and Chains

Tasha Cobbs did not sing Break Every Chain for you to now use your own hand to go and chain yourself.. It’s not right please. Chains are a symbol of oppression and bracelets are a symbol of enshacklement. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you will be able to set yourself free. 

6. Sweaters

This one is specifically for people in Nigeria. If you’re wearing a sweater in this hot country, you’re basically telling the devil, “I’m preparing my body for the heat of hell.”

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