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#JusticeForSylvester: Everything You Should Know About The Dowen Incident

What happened?

On 1st December 2021, @PerrisOnoromoni tweeted about his 12-year-old nephew, Sylvester Oromoni, a student of Dowen College who had died as a result of bullying.

The tweet caused an uproar on the Nigerian Internet, which ushered in reaction from the school, government and the families of the people involved. 

What happened at the school?

According to Perris Oromoni, Sylvester died from sustained internal injuries caused by a severe beating from fellow students at his school. He said that, before his nephew died he said the students give him something to drink. Additionally, Perris said that he also mentioned the names of five boys who inflicted the injuries on him. Sylvester died on Tuesday morning after a series of tests and X-rays indicated that he sustained internal injuries from a severe beating. As reactions unfolded on social media, Dowen College turned off comments on their Instagram page followed by a statement. 

What did the statement say?

The school claimed that Sylvester Oromoni, the deceased, got injured while playing a football game with his peers and was immediately attended to by the school’s nurse. According to the statement, the student complained of pains in his hips and was given medical treatment before he was sent home to his parents. 

The statement also said that the school has conducted a preliminary investigation on the matter and it was concluded that there was no case of bullying as Perris Oromoni had said, adding that it has strong anti- cultism policies. 

How the public reacted: 

What’s happening now?

Following online protests and media broadcasts, the Lagos Government has ordered for the school to be shut down indefinitely while the matter is thoroughly investigated. 

What people are saying:

Several social media accounts are speaking up about the issue using the hashtag #JusticeForSylvester and sharing their own bullying experiences. 

We will update and share as the case unfolds. Bullying is a serious issue that needs much more attention than it is currently given. 

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