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Roborock Slashes 40% Off Its Robot Vacuum with Mopping Capabilities


Whether you’re searching for a faster way to clean your floors or shopping for a Christmas present, this deal is right up your alley. Roborock is offering its excellent S6 Pure vacuum and mop, which usually costs $600, for just $360.

Even if you don’t need the mopping feature, this is a killer price for the S6 Pure. It features 2000Pa of suction, LiDAR navigation, room mapping, customizable no-go zones, and a 150-minute battery in its most powerful “Turbo” mode.

Impressively, Roborock stuck a 180ml tank on the S6 Pure for mopping. Removing and refilling this tank is easy, and because the S6 Pure uses disposable mop pads, you don’t have to worry about things getting nasty under the hood.

In our review of the Roborock S6 (the slightly more expensive version of this vacuum), we found that it worked great as a robotic vacuum. But its mopping features are more of an extra perk than anything else—the S6 Pure can pick up spilled juice or wipe simple stains, but it’s not a complete substitute for real mopping. (And at this discount price, that’s perfectly fine!)

You can buy the Roborock S6 Pure for $360, its lowest price ever, at Amazon. Be sure to check the “Extra Savings” button before purchasing the vacuum to save 20% on some extra accessories.

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