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A Guide to Being the Best African Daughter

African parents have the highest standards for their children, especially the daughters. We compiled a list of steps to take to help you be the best daughter you can be to your parents. 

1. Wake up early no matter what

It doesn’t matter if there’s no immediate task to complete. You must be up before 6 AM doing one or two things. It’s the first step to being a perfect daughter and later a perfect wife. 

2. Don’t date anyone 

You are not allowed to date. When it is time to get married, God will send you the perfect man that your parents will absolutely love and want you to be with. Don’t question the logic of this. It’s how things work. 

3. No is not a part of your vocabulary 

Never say no to anyone. Even if it involves cutting off a part of your body, agree to it. Sacrificing yourself for everyone around you is the biggest part of being an African daughter. 

4. Go to cooking school

When your mates are acquiring skills, tell your parents you want to go to cooking school. This way you’d learn to make everyone’s favorite meal and keep them happy. Best in daughter.

5. Be at home before 6 

Curfews are a must for African daughters. The best daughters give themselves curfews and stick to it. If the outing requires them to miss their curfew, they will politely decline knowing the kind of daughter they want to be. 

6. Invest in long skirts 

Your wardrobe must be filled with long skirts with A line shaping. This is a sign of a decent daughter who will later be married off to the best suitor. When that time comes, your investment in long skirts will pay off. 

7. Be the proverbs 31 woman 

Be a virtuous woman: a woman whose entire existence is committed to pleasing her husband. Being a virtuous woman takes years of practice at being the best daughter. Remember that your reward is in heaven. 

All these may seem impossible for the average woman. After all, many are called, few are chosen but those who want to stand out among their peers know what to do. 

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