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CannabizTeam Projects 100,000 New Marijuana Jobs In 2022, Salaries Grew 4% in 2021

A marijuana-focused executive search and staffing firm CannabizTeam Worldwide released its 2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide. This is the fourth edition of the company’s national salary guide, a comprehensive report that gives insight to employers and prospective cannabis employees.

The detailed report covers hiring trends in the legal U.S. cannabis industry, the top 10 states for cannabis jobs and national salary ranges for over 60 of the most prevalent cannabis positions in the U.S.

Key Takeaways From The 2022 Report

  • Companies in medical and adult-use markets are increasingly turning to temporary or “on-demand” workers to fill short term and mid-term needs in cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution and retail.
  • With rising consumer demand for edibles, cannabis beverages and topicals, companies have substantially increased hiring of extraction, manufacturing and testing talent.
  • The cost of acquiring and keeping quality team members, which keeps rising, is fueled by competition for available talent and nationwide salary inflation. Cannabis industry salaries rose 4% on average in 2021 with compensation for senior executives rising as much as 10%.

“The cannabis industry continued to flourish and show its strength despite some growing pains in 2021,” said Liesl Bernard, CEO of CannabizTeam. “We expect the industry to continue growing in 2022 with expanding MSOs, increase in available capital, more established brands and high population newly-legal adult-use cannabis states including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We currently project the U.S. industry will add over 100,000 new cannabis jobs this year.”

Photo: Courtesy of Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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