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Celebrating The Life And Legacy Of Peter Tosh

This article was originally published on The Bluntness and appears here with permission.

If you’ve never listened to the music of Peter Tosh, if you’ve never done the deep dive – you owe it to yourself to do that now.

Pull up a YouTube mix, hit shuffle on Spotify, read the man’s bio – you will immediately connect yourself into the vortex of the cannabis freedom spirit.

Most people know him as the stern-looking bandmate who left Bob Marley and the Wailers and went on to record the 1976 cannabis activist anthem “Legalize It”.

These are broad strokes for sure. And the real story of Peter Tosh deserves so much more attention than that, no matter your interest in cannabis or reggae.

Spreading and growing the Peter Tosh legacy has become the mission of Niambe McIntosh, Tosh’s youngest child.

Today, McIntosh is head of the Peter Tosh Estate and Brand, Tosh Holdings, in addition to the Peter Tosh Foundation, which focuses on legalization, social justice, cannabis education, as well as the Peter Tosh Museum.

Listen to the full interview with Niambe McIntosh here:

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