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Every K-Drama fan should know these basic Korean phrases

You must have screamed “Aigoo” when you got frustrated or mumbled “jugeullae” humorously with friends, even if they didn’t understand what you meant as a true K-Drama stan. Something is soothing about exclaiming in Korean, and in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most commonly used phrases and brought them to your door.

1.Jugeullae — Do you want to die?

The way characters who are typically soft as hell try to make their faces look tough when they use this phrase makes it so humorous. It’s all fun and games sha until the antagonist murders your favourite character.

2. Annyeong Haseyo — Hello (or goodbye)

This is one of the first things you’ll learn. Remember that it can either mean hello or goodbye, and the goal is to shout it as loud as you can when you enter a room.

3. Kyeopta — That’s cute 

K-Drama characters always say this when in a drunken fit after telling their crush that they like them, only to forget about it the next day. It must be nice. Make sure you say this the next time you see something cute, else you’re a fake K-Drama stan. 

4. Arraseo — I know

When a character says this, they are usually unsure, but too proud to admit it.  Being Proud is one of the few things Nigerians have in common with Koreans.

5. Jinjja — Really?

This phrase is pronounced “Chincha” and is mostly used to raise questions. In every series, this is the most popular comedic relief line, usually followed by a reckless decision.

6. Eotteokhae — What to do?

Koreans frequently use this phrase when they are panicking. They chant it repeatedly as if it will somehow bring a solution to their problem. It can be quite relaxing to say.

7. Omo — Oh my gosh!

They say this when they feel embarrassed, and when they feel scared or worried. It is the Nigerian “Omo” that studied abroad. 

8. Wae — why?

Koreans enjoy shouting as much as Nigerians, with 99% of their conversations comprising them shouting at one other. You’re using this phrase incorrectly if you don’t yell it.

9. Saranghae — I love you 

That’s all this phrase needs in terms of explanation. The best part is their ability to make their fingers into a heart shape.

10. Aja — Fighting!

When they want to cheer someone up or motivate themselves, they say this phrase. If you don’t clench both fists and shout this, you’ll have bad luck. It’s a little dramatic, but that’s part of what makes their shows so entertaining.

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