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Get Nintendo's Official Switch NES Gamepads at a Major Discount

Nintendo Switch Online unlocks a ton of perks for your console, including a wide selection of classic NES, SNES, N64, and Sega games. And now, you can enjoy those retro games with a pair of discounted NES gamepads. Nintendo is offering a $25 discount on its until February 2nd, bringing its price down to just $35.

The replica NES gamepads rep the same look and feel as Nintendo’s original NES controllers. The only difference, aside from the fact that they’re wireless, is that they feature two indented shoulder buttons. And like the Joy-Cons, these retro gamepads need to attach to your Switch for charging.

And funny enough, Nintendo’s official NES controllers work on PC. If you like to emulate or play retro-styled indie games on your computer, these gamepads will help give you a more “authentic” retro gaming experience.

Unfortunately, the replica NES gamepads really only work with classic NES games. You can’t use them with most modern games or indie titles on the Switch. (You can remap the controller to work with other games on PC.)

Buy Nintendo’s before February 2nd to get them for just $35. Bear in mind that you need a Switch Online subscription to buy these gamepads.

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