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Hot Shiznity Dog: Is Snoop Dogg Getting Into The Hot Dog Business?

Bow wow wow, yippie-yo-yippie yay—Snoop Dogg hot dogs could be coming your way.

What Happened: Snoop Dogg has applied for a federal trademark for “Snoop Doggs,” according to federal trademark registrations found by Billboard. The trademark says Snoop Dogg could sell hot dogs and other sausages with the “Snoop Doggs” name.

The December filing was a “intent-to-use application,” which means the product has not been launched but there are serious plans to bring the product to market.

Some trademark applications are for products that never hit the market, including “Snoop Scoops,” which was a trademark filed by the rapper in 2011 for ice cream.

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Why It’s Important: Snoop Dogg has turned into a businessman over the years selling products like gin, cannabis and even cookbooks.

The move to hot dogs is bringing back memories of Snoop Dogg’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During the appearance, Snoop Dogg watched a step-by-step process of how hot dogs were made.

“This is a hot dog!? Oh cuz, I ain’t never eating a m****f*****g hot dog! If that’s how they make hot dogs, I don’t want one,” Snoop Dogg said after watching the video.

Perhaps one day, “Snoop Doggs” could be a national brand like Nathan’s Famous (NASDAQ:NATH), which is valued at over $230 million.

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