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Twitter Users Re-imagined Nigeria As A Working Country And It’s Hilarious As Hell

Imagine Nigeria functioning like other countries: no traffic, free education, free medical care, a decent economy, stable electricity. The fact that we had to invent these scenarios should tell you about the nightmare we’re living in, but let’s pretend everything is okay for a second and laugh at this compilation of truly hilarious tweets because humour is the only way we can cope.

1. The tweet that started it all

But, aren’t we already a menace as it is? 

2. Why did we even do this? 

3. And they must pronounce Nigerian names properly too.

4. They should also list all the songs from that album.

5. One hour of legwork is mandatory. 

6. Because there is only one right answer. 

7. Omo! Nawa.

8. Just following in their footsteps innit? 

9. Screaming!

10. At least they will receive a small allowance.

11. Do we not do this?  

12. Please, abeg. 

13. If you ask for water, just forget about it. 

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