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8 Practical Ways to Reduce the Calories in Your Food Before Eating It

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy life is to be careful of how much food you take in every day and ensure you stay within a healthy calorie count. 

We’ve listed a few surefire ways to reduce the calories in your food before eating it. 

Heat it up

The heat is going to take out some calories from the food. Heat the food for a long time until it’s almost burnt. Imagine burning calories even before you eat?

Blow on it

This way, you’re removing the extra calories on top of the food. Works best after heating up the food so you can blow off stubborn calories. 

Punch your food 

This is only applicable to solid food like semo. Punch the food and make the calories afraid to enter your body. Again, if it’s semo, it deserves all the beating. Any food that’s been dealt with will think twice before increasing your fupa.

Speak to your meal respectfully

Speak to your food with respect and kindness. We all know how people become nice when they’re accorded more respect than they deserve, especially in Nigeria So if it’s a Nigerian meal, you may need to show extra respect while cooking to make this work. 

Pray before you eat

Tell God to turn the fufu in your mouth into vegetables after you’ve eaten it. This method works best when you pray before swallowing every bite. 

Put your food in the freezer 

Freeze the extra calories out of it to show the meal who’s boss. The only issue with this is you’d have to eat this meal extra cold. 

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If it’s soup, eat it with a fork

Portion control on steroids. When you’re done eating the soup with a fork, most of the calories will have gone out.

Serve your food on four different plates 

That way, you’ve separated the calories from ganging up against you. Fight them before they fight you. Divide and conquer.

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