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The Types of People We Met During Ramadan

Ramadan may be over, but we can’t help but remember some of the different types of people we noticed during that time. Here’s a list of some of our favourite ones.

1. People who eat everything once they break their fast 

Their favourite part of the day was always  Iftar. It was the chance to eat all the food that they hadn’t gotten to eat throughout the day. They’d eat and drink even what wasn’t served at the table or what is not their own. If you were saving your cold bottle of Malta Guinness, high chance they got to it before you.

2. The people who forgot they were fasting 

We miss seeing the look on a Muslim’s face when they suddenly remembered that they were fasting, in the middle of eating. And they were never eating proper meals; it was always some type of junk food or drink.

3. The ones that slept all day until it was time for Iftar

We like to call these types of people “I cannot come and kill myself”. They found a trick to survive Ramadan and it worked for them. They’d wake up early enough for Suhoor, then go back to sleep until Iftar.

4. The ones who couldn’t wait for Iftar

Every single hour, these were the ones always checking time. They’d distract themselves with many activities, such as chores or work, so that time would go by quickly. But no matter what they did, time passed slowly.

5. The ones who always missed Suhoor because they woke up late

These ones really tried their best to wake up on time, but it’s as if their enemies were always against them. They even set many alarms, but they didn’t hear any of them until Suhoor was over. 

6. The people who couldn’t wait for Eid

From the moment Ramadan started, they were looking forward to Eid. They had their outfits ready and checked their calendar every day to remind themselves of the potential date. 

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