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Bill Maher Recognizes Social Equity In Cannabis On Latest 'Real Time,' Agreeing With Bernie Sanders

Bill Maher opened his recent HBO Real Time monologue eschewing his normal catchphrase “I know why you’re happy” with this week’s not-so-happy news that the former president almost pulled off a coup with the help of the Justice Dept itself and the “even worse news” from two Supreme Courts decisions. “If you’re keeping score at home, it’s guns one, women nothing.” 

During his guest panel discussion with author and Weekly Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan and Katie Herzog, journalist and host of podcast Blocked and Reported, they discussed LGBTQ issues and more.

Once Maher came to his concluding monologue, New Rule, he poked at affirmative action, former presidents and presidential candidates and then finally SenBernie Sanders, who had said he’d legalize cannabis on his first day in office. 

One form of affirmative action Maher apparently agrees with is social equity, in which many marijuana-legal states are providing a less burdensome entry into the industry for those who suffered most from the War on Drugs.

“I can’t argue with that instinct,” Maher said, then continued with the following statement.

“The drug war has been a horrendous instrument of prejudice and punishment for racial minorities. So, it seems fair that they jump the line for weed franchises the way Indians did for casinos. But it’s also what’s holding up Republican support from legalizing weed nationally, which would be good for everybody,” Maher said. “And these are the hard, practical choices the Democrats have to weigh: Redress the past or reach out to the gettable white voter who says, You know what, I’d like a shot at getting in the pot business. But to do that, I’m going to need a good lawyer who fights for me.” 

In a recent show with former AG Eric Holder, Maher bemoaned the fact that the Republicans were going to pull the legalization issue away from the Democrats. He asked an audience-submitted question: “Why isn’t Biden pushing for federal legalization of marijuana?” 

A great question that is likely being pondered among voters in the ongoing and upcoming midterm elections. 

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