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Endless Nights Wants To Be The Next Evolution Of Play-to-Earn (P2E) Gaming

As one of the most revolutionary technologies in recent times, blockchain—the permanent, immutable, and distributed ledger—has paved the way to efficiently track and manage virtual assets or currencies, facilitating the seamless proof of ownership. Blockchain could accelerate the gaming industry through this outstanding feature, introducing novel concepts and setting it on the path to more revenue. 

The Advent of blockchain-based gaming trends like play-to-earn [P2E] has opened a window of opportunity for large brands to easily transition into the industry, incorporating non-fungible tokens [NFTs] into the already budding gaming sector. 

While a few P2E-focused games have launched to offer exciting gaming experiences amidst great rewards, Endless Nights aims to be one such project. 

Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse [ENZA] Gaming Project 

Endless Nights is a triple-A [AAA] level zombie-centered P2E game. Described as one of the first-ever in the developing gaming industry, Endless Nights expressly aims to return power to the primary holders—the players—by enabling them to own all of the in-game assets. 

Endless Nights leverages NFT technologies to deliver an open platform where these non-fungible tokens are the prime movers. All assets, from skins to fictional characters and a list of attachments found on Endless Nights, are purely NFT. By utilizing the immutable ledger, blockchain, this AAA-level game grants players the opportunity to track, manage, and trade them amongst each other in marketplaces. Talks are underway to launch the Endless Nights Marketplace, where you can conveniently buy/sell all in-game currencies. 

Features of the Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse 

Adopting the Player vs. Player [PvP] shooting style, Endless Nights promises to deliver an adventurous, fun, and immersive gameplay while allowing you, as a player, to compete and win in various tournaments. 

The Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse storyline is pretty straightforward and outstanding. As a gamer, your goal is to gallantly endure several waves of zombie attacks while imploring battle strategies to kill your opponents before they do the same to you. Fundamentally, it is a survival game. 

The quality, fast-paced nature, and unrelenting competitiveness make Endless Nights the ideal game for players seeking to earn as they battle for survival in a world of zombies. Additionally, Endless Nights tows behind the original gaming idea and experience and, surprisingly, does not deviate from what is obtainable. The difference, however, is the introduction of a P2E model. 

The Endless Nights team will host a monthly tournament to incentivize players further. NFT holders who aren’t the best gamers can rent their NFTs to other players and share the prizes won after every contest. The Endless Nights NFT Renting Mechanism will guarantee trust-less rentals and automatic returns after every tournament. 

As an additional feature, the Endless Nights development team dispels the pay-to-win model standard in the P2E and blockchain gaming spaces. Once you purchase an Endless NFT, you receive access to all in-game assets like every other player. Game levels attained in the game will result from your skill, nothing more. 

The Endless Nights NFT; Why Should You Buy? 

Besides promising truly immersive and fascinating gameplay, devoid of the pay-to-win model, Endless Nights NFT wants to level the playing field. 

There are only 10,000 unique Endless Nights NFT characters in the first generation of the game. The team plans to allow players to rent their NFT characters to others. One benefit of owning the first-generation Endless NFTs is that you can breed your tokens to create future generations. The Breeding Mechanism incorporated by the team will allow you to send your NFTs on a 3-days expedition, thus generating more NFTs in the process. 

Per the development team, Endless Nights plans to host a superb quality demo prior to the NFT mint date, an unprecedented feat in the P2E gaming industry. The group promises to improve the game graphics and deliver a smoother gaming experience after the pre-launch demo. 

In addition, the Endless Nights team reports that it has an aggressive marketing team, one that is capable of attracting traction and the needed hype for this project. 

Endless Nights Zombie Apocalypse was designed by a group of renowned developers starving to impact the blockchain and P2E gaming spaces significantly. They aim to pioneer an industry where players like yourself do not only enjoy rich rewards from NFT ownership but an ecosystem where a play-to-win gaming model is done away with it. Endless Nights is introducing advanced concepts to the growing billion-dollar gaming industry. 

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