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MWG Holdings Appoints Tom Sheridan To Take Reigns As CEO, California Cannabis Market Awaits

MWG Holdings, Inc., announced that Tom Sheridan will step in as CEO as Denyelle Bruno steps down from the position with plans to shift its focus going forward.

New Era

This transition marks a new era for MWG Holdings, which is is a unique position with vertical integration and strategically placed retail facilities to continue to grow under it’s new leadership. This has already been a successful year for the company, but the addition of Sheridan allows for a different approach moving forward. The company expressed that it is confident that despite the current economic climate, MWG will continue to emerge as one of the most prominent players in the California cannabis market.

“While the current economic climate has resulted in a difficult time for cannabis companies, we intend to make it a great time for MWG Holdings by ensuring a focus on longevity and profitability,” said Sheridan. “I’m excited to get to work and focus our efforts on profitable growth and overall efficiency at the company.”

Sheridan, with over a decade of experience and a successful entrepreneurial track record in cannabis, is uniquely qualified to bring MWG Holdings company back to its roots, with a focus on product quality, service and partnerships.

Sheridan said he plans to restructure the company from the ground up to ensure positive cash flow. While the company will continue to drive revenue through the various programs launched earlier this year, it will also significantly emphasize efficiency and economies of scale.

MWG Holdings itself has over a decade of experience managing cannabis businesses, navigating state and local laws and regulations while adding value to the communities where they operate. The company has a proven track record of building engagement, social welfare and outreach programs that focus on local partnerships, monetary investments and in-store donation campaigns.

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