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QUIZ: Can You Guess These Words From Their Definitions?

We’ll give you a definition and an incomplete word. All you have to do is guess the full word. Not much guessing to do, is there? Give it a try.

A psychological situation in which a person’s functionality is dependent on the consumption of a psychoactive substance.

A period during which a person feels ill because they’ve stopped taking a drug or a substance that they are addicted to.

An altered state of consciousness a person experiences because they’ve taken a powerful illegal drug.

A strong need that someone feels to regularly take an illegal or harmful drug.

Drugs that produce analgesia (pain relief), narcosis (state of stupor or sleep), and addiction (physical dependence on the drug).

A condition in which a person’s body or brain no longer responds to a prescription or recreational drug in the same way it once did.

The process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on drugs.

The organization responsible for enforcing drug laws in Nigeria.

The most abused drug in the world

You’ve probably taken it a lot, but didn’t realize that it’s a drug

A drug, often used in cough mixtures, which was banned in Nigeria due to abuse.

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