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Strategic Partnerships Could Be Key To Commercializing Green Tech Algae-Based Solutions

In a world where concerns are mounting over rising CO2 levels, algae-based solutions may offer a sustainable alternative to energy, livestock feed and more — all while capturing and eliminating pollutants organically. 

Algae has been capturing attention across key industry players, from food producers to alternative energy distributors. Budding startups have emerged in this space, developing and producing new algae-based products and environmental solutions. They include companies like Green Plains Inc. GPRE, TerraVia Holdings Inc. TVIAQ and Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. PNDHF

Pond Technologies recently reported receiving acclaim for being one of the first companies of its kind to commercialize a scalable approach to algae-based solutions for carbon capture. While many businesses face significant hurdles on their journeys to product commercialization, Pond states it has found success raising capital to commercialize its algae-based technology solutions by cultivating strategic partnerships. 

Pond originally partnered with St. Mary’s Cement as an investor and host for demonstrating various algae-based environmental solutions. The company also reported finding validation as an investment through collaborations with the National Research Council of Canada and myriad other government agencies. 

These initial partnerships may have launched Pond to a place of recognition not only within the scientific community but also as a significant investment opportunity.

In 2021, the company developed an alliance with Livalta, an AB Agri Ltd. division, to focus on scaling production for algae-based animal feed. For a long time, the technology required to produce algae at scale was reportedly expensive and not widely available. Pond Technologies says its solutions changed this. 

Under the agreement, AB Agri will purchase an algae demonstration system from Pond for CA$2.2 million ($1.7 million) to produce spirulina from CO2 emissions. Pond will also receive ongoing royalties based on the production from future commercial algae plants. The pilot operation is expected to last 12 months, during which time AB Agri states it will gather the data to determine costs related to a commercial-sized production plant. 

Most recently in 2022, Pond entered into a research agreement with BioCarbN LLC and a subsidiary of Associated British Foods ASBFY to examine the potential ability of certain algae strains to reduce carbon emissions in cattle. The global cattle feed market is valued at over $75 billion, in which Pond is aiming to capitalize on its environmentally friendly algae-based solutions that lower CO2 emissions levels. 

According to Pond, these partnerships represent a glimpse of the extent of the company’s overall collaboration with key industry players — strategic partnerships have played a principal role in the development and the success of its commercialization efforts.

The biotechnology company says it is now focused on further developing a next-generation approach to growing algae at scale and combatting CO2 emissions with algae-based solutions. 

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