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These 6 Foods Should Be On All Nigerian Party Menus

Before you read this article, we want you to rid your mind of whatever you think you already know about food. This is not your regular food article; this is a fight for inclusion.  

Owanbes are great but everyone knows the highlight is the food, which is why no one forgets the party where they didn’t get served or the one with the unchewable meat. 

If food is such a big deal, why do we limit ourselves to a few key players? Why not include more of these six Nigerian dishes on our party menu? All foods matter after all. 

Ewa Agoyin

Nigerians are finally beginning to see the light because a few owanbes already have this on the menu, but we can do better. Since people are always complaining about eating too much rice, it would be nice to have ewa agoyin and soft agege bread as an option.


Nigerians are in a secret relationship with indomie because why is it okay to fall on it when sapa has you in a chokehold or when you’re too hungry or lazy to spend more than 15 minutes cooking, but draw the line when it’s time to show it off on your special day?

They make it work in boarding schools, so clearly it can work for owanbe parries.

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Bread and Tea

The more you think about it, the more you see that bread and tea are perfect as both starter and main dish. Sometimes, people just want something light, so instead of having them pick at the food and end up wasting it, how about you try bread?

Akara and Pap

Before you raise your eyebrows just imagine this as a starter — you’re munching on hot akara and drinking your pap while waiting for your main dish. In this rainy weather, what could be better?

You might end up falling asleep at the event, but even though! 

Bole and Groundnut

Have you ever had bole and groundnut before? The combination is orgasmic, so what are we saying?

Garri Salad

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with salad, but we are Nigerians forgusake, we’re supposed to stand out and nothing does that better than infusing our salad with garri.

The Nigerian dream

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