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What Your Favourite Type of Braids Says About You

This one is for the sweet babes who love — and amazingly don’t mind — getting braids and living their best protective style lives. 

So, whether you prefer knotless braids or the multiple other braid styles available in the black girl universe, read what your favourite type says about you below.

Box braids

You’re either a Gen Xer cosplaying as a younger person, or you don’t exactly like change. Everything in this life would stay the same if it were up to you, and $1 would still exchange for ₦65. 

Knotless braids

You consider yourself hip and fun, and you’ll do anything to make sure others know it, too — even if it involves spending the minimum wage on one braiding session. Seriously, where you dey see this money?

Knotless braids

Cornrow braids

You don’t like stress, and you’re definitely not about that sitting-in-the-salon for six hours life. You laugh at the face of those that claim that beauty is pain. For here?

Cornrow braids

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Braided ponytails AKA “shuku”

You’re very bold because that’s the only reason you wake up in the morning and decide you want to rock shuku. Did all the years of forced shuku hairstyles in secondary school do nothing to you? Don’t you need a break?

Braided ponytails

Micro braids

No one can convince us that your middle name isn’t Patience. Why else would you decide to stay put for five market days just to get braids? You seem like the type of person who’ll stop at nothing to slay, and we can’t even judge.

Micro braids

Senegalese twists

You’ve been here a while but you’re still a young babe at heart. Fashion trends don’t easily influence you, and you just stick to what you love.

Senegalese twists

Double Dutch Braids

You just get your hair braided so you can rest from combing and styling your hair. We feel you, sis. It’s not easy.

Double Dutch Braids

Ghana Weaving

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’d admit that you take advantage of salon time to get out of the house. You enjoy having “me” time and you’ll do anything to get it — even if it involves sitting through seven hours of pain and torture.

Ghanaian braids

Kinky Braids

You’re in the same group chat with the Senegalese twists babe, you do you at all times. You’re probably a champion for zero plastic use and sustainable environmental practices.

Mohawk Braids

You’re a bad bitch, and anyone who talks anyhow is very likely to collect wotowoto. Rumour has it that you’re a closet softie, but who dares come close enough to find out?

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