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7 Ways to Spot People Who Have Main Character Energy

There are those that think they give off cool vibes, and there are those that are the cool vibes.

It’s not hard to spot the main character if you know exactly what to look out for.

They have dyed/bald/afro/dreadlocked hair

The main character has to stand out. How do you stand out from normal human beings if you don’t sport a showy, unconventional hairstyle?

They can pull off unique jackets

Bonus points if it’s a leather jacket.

They rock bold fashion

They aren’t afraid to channel their inner ashawo.

They have their PVC

They know that making noise on social media isn’t the only thing that’ll save Nigeria.

They wear earpods

Because no cool kid has time to be detangling earpiece every time.

They’re on 234 (Nigerian) Twitter

They always have something to say, and they don’t even mind getting dragged for it.

They’re subscribed to Zikoko daily

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You should already know where we’re going with this. You absolutely need to subscribe if you haven’t already.

See you in your inbox. *blows powder*

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