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8 Types of Nigerians You’ll Find at a Festival

If there’s one thing Nigerians love to do, it’s turn up. Everyone that has attended festivals, or plans to do so, should know that you need to be prepared to meet these people:

The screamer 

When you see this person, please help us ask them where they get all that energy from. Na fight?

The content creator

They’ll somehow get 370 pictures, four TikToks and 5,225 Instagram Story posts from a three-hour show. 

The dancer


Them, every glorious second:

The lowkey musician 

If you don’t lipsync for your life at a festival, are you even doing it right?

The ready-to-mingle

Festivals might as well be called singles’ conventions. The agenda must agend.

The lovers

There you are, trying to whine your waist to Tems in peace, and these ones are just holding hands. Mtcheew.

The fashion-killers

These ones are just here to bring all the looks. Those that get it, get it. 

The ones that just want to have a good time

Because that’s the whole point of attending festivals.

Enjoy a good time at the Culture Festival 2022, organised by the Art of Living Foundation, happening on Sunday, 21st August 2022.

Themed “Vibrant Africa: The Rising Rhythm”, the Culture Festival offers an evening of music, dance, meditation and dialogue. Register for free to attend.

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