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Another Ketamine Therapy Company Goes Public: Optimind Pharma Is Now “OMND” On The CSE

Medical cannabis and alternative medicines provider Optimind Pharma Corp. began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol “OMND”.

Despite the company’s primary business being medically-prescribed cannabis, due to its efficacy and safety profile, Optimind offers ketamine-assisted therapy for those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. 

Optimind is also a 40% shareholder of indigenous group Manitari Pharma, which is seeking for Health Canada’s approval for a license to perform psilocybin research.

“Manitari Pharma’s vision is to incorporate cutting-edge science with experience from shamanic traditions to create wellness psilocybin products used to treat mental illness and create spiritual well-being,” Manitari CEO Anna Freeman said. 

Optimind’s CEO Tomas Sipos commented: “The public listing of Optimind represents a significant milestone in the growth of our company. It’s an important step that will help facilitate our mission to provide psychedelic-assisted therapies for the public and improve their quality of life.”

COO Dr. Michael Hart said that “psychedelic-assisted therapy has the power to drastically transform people’s lives around the world,” while Optimind’s advisory board chair Tony Clement added that “Optimind is on its way to becoming a leader in psychedelic-assisted therapy that will provide patients throughout North America with choices that promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.”

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