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How to Tell an Unwanted Visitor That It’s Time to Go Home

There’s almost nothing as annoying as having to suffer through an unwanted visitor’s visit, especially when they overstay their welcome. You’re on your own happily minding your business trying to make heaven and someone decides to test you?

These tips will help you pass the message that it’s time to come and be going. 

Start cleaning up

Start sweeping the spot where they’re seated so they have to do that awkward dance where they try to move their legs away from the spot you’re sweeping. Do that every five minutes and just tell them you like a clean home.

Tell them you want to fumigate the house

If the first option doesn’t work, just tell them you saw scorpions in your kitchen three times in the past two days and you need to fumigate the house. They’ll run away.

Sleep off

They’ll get bored and leave on their own. Some stubborn ones will join you to sleep sha.

Start turning off the lights

Turn off everything and say your doctor told you to start sleeping by 6 p.m. to improve your kidney health.

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Take them to Balogun market

Tell them you quickly want to run an errand and ask them to accompany you. Then you can take them to Balogun market and lose them in the crowd.

Fake an emergency call

“The village pet goat just went into labour? On my way there right now!”

Just tell them to leave

Because life is too short to be stressing about what you should or shouldn’t say. Just politely tell them it’s not a good time. Or not. The point is, just do you.

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