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Remember We Told You Goats Are Great Pets… Wait First!

Yes, I was the one that used my hands to write this article about why goats are better pets than cats and dogs. I’m sorry. I hadn’t experienced, truly, what goats are. See, if someone calls you a goat, just drop everything you’re doing and fight them right there. 

I have seven goats; Gbenga, Yetunde, Dupe, Ireti, Astor, Ruka and Ifoghale, and they’re all stubborn. Well, maybe not Ruka and Ifoghale yet, as those once were born just five days ago. 

So, just as I wrote about why goats are the best thing since sliced bread, these are the reasons why they are absolutely devil-sent. 

They will pee and poop everywhere

Everywhere. They poop as they walk. It’s crazy. It’s like they always have to poop every second of the day. Poop. Do you know how much poop sweeping you have to do when you have goats? Poop. A lot. Poop. And they don’t care where they’re pooping. Is it on your domot? Poop. 

They’ll climb everything

Personally, I think goats have it in the back of their minds to climb everything they see. They’re like, “Hmm… this looks tall and complicated. I must climb it.” I built a fish pond in my farm recently and had to build a fence of sorts around it because the goats saw the top of the pond as their new mattress. The climbed it and guess what? Pooped right in it. 

Imagine having to spend an extra ₦20k because Gbenga cannot sit down in one place. 

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If you have decorative plants, your goats will eat them

Yes, I know I said their poop serves as manure, but to which plants? If you have any plants you keep outside, just forget about them. My compound used to be lush and beautiful with different types of decorative plants. But whenever we let the goats in like this, whatever growth the plants managed to do in the period they were not around is gone. 

They’re wicked

Let me tell you something. Goats are wicked. They’re wicked to their owners and they’re wicked to other goats. Remember I said Ruka and Ifoghale were born a few days ago? Please tell me why the other goats are already fighting them. All goats do is fight and bully one another. Why? 

They dont hear word

Yetunde come down from there! 

Three minutes later: Yetunde is there again. 

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