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Where Does Elon Musk Lean Politically? Tesla CEO Discusses Voting, DeSantis And 'Big Brother'

Elon Musk was recently asked on the Full Send Podcast whether he leans politically conservative as of late.

The Tesla Inc. TSLA CEO then asked whether he comes off as a conservative. When the hosts mentioned that Musk is a billionaire supporting conservatives like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Musk reiterated praise for the Republican governor (he previously opined that DeSantis could ‘easily win’ the presidency in 2024).

However, Musk claims to be a moderate who prefers less government oversight.

“We don’t like a big brother situation where the government’s just like bossing people around,” Musk said.

Freedom in America should be preserved, he added.

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Musk, who also runs Hawthorne, California-based Space X, recently said his vote for Mayra Flores in the special election for Texas’ 34th Congressional district was the first time he voted for a Republican.

This statement later drew the ire of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who claimed Musk had said he voted for him and therefore could be lying.

“So he’s another bulls*** artist,” Trump said.

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via Flickr


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