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MJ Beverages Partners With Ginger To Offer Direct-To-Consumer Mari Y Juana Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Mari y Juana Beverages Co. (“MJ”), a California-based cannabis-infused beverages brand, entered into an exclusive partnership with Ginger, an e-commerce provider and last-mile delivery service in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) California cannabis market.

“As a millennial I’ve known and grown with the experience of the dot-com era and seeing how e-commerce has been able to benefit both business and consumer. We are extremely delighted that with the support of Ginger we will be able to utilize tools currently available to substantially grow our business as we focus on strategic bulk selling directly to the end-user.”

“As supportive as our retail partners are, stocking and selling 24-pack quantities of MJ beverages is an unnecessary burden and ask of them. The ability to transact larger purchases via our website directly to the customer is an added value offer by the MJ brand to the customer, to the retail store partner and to the overall cannabis-infused beverages category. Our target demographic usually has big families and throws big fiestas so this looks to be a promising win-win situation for all parties!” stated Daniel Torres, founder and CEO of Mari y Juana Beverages Co.

Roie Edery, founder and CEO of Ginger, stated: “We’re excited to have Mari y Juana on the list of innovative brands actively pursuing growth via this new and exciting channel. Their unique product line and story set the stage for new customers and Ginger is looking forward to helping turn them into loyal fans,”

Beginning late September, consumers will be able to purchase Mari y Juana beverages in bulk directly via Mari y Juana Beverages website.

Photo: Courtesy of Mari y Juana Beverages Co.

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