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Introducing the world's first global tokenized crowdfunding platform: the Dacxi Chain

Set to launch in Q4 of 2022, the brand new Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding network. In the following article, we’ll first look at this innovative new system, and how it could change the entrepreneurial landscape for the better.

Set to launch in Q4 of 2022, the brand new Dacxi Chain is the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding network. In the following article, we’ll first look at this innovative new system, and how it could change the entrepreneurial landscape for the better.

What is the Dacxi Chain?

The Dacxi Chain’s backers are hailing the platform as a revolutionary blockchain-based equity crowdfunding ecosystem. Enabled by the blockchain tokenization revolution, the Dacxi Chain creates digital representations of company shares. These digital shares can then be purchased in a frictionless and borderless way – connecting innovators and investors all over the world. 

Below is the Dacxi Chain’s positioning statement:

“We believe that entrepreneurs are the future, and great ideas can come from anywhere in the world. If they’re funded properly they can provide brilliant solutions to almost anything – improving lives, delivering equality, creating wealth and distributing it fairly. But there has never been a system that enables entrepreneurs to realize their full potential. Millions of worthwhile projects a year are being lost due to lack of funding. Likewise, the world is full of people who want to invest in Early Stage ventures but have no practical way of doing so – missing out on the opportunity to grow their wealth. But the Dacxi Chain changes everything. Using the unique capabilities of blockchain technology it connects entrepreneurs and investors to unleash a worldwide revolution in innovation and wealth creation.”

The Dacxi Chain’s market opportunity

IBM is paving the way in blockchain technology. The multinational technology juggernaut sees significant potential in tokenized assets, predicting that tokenized equity crowdfunding could be valued at as much as $1 trillion as early as 2027. The Dacxi Chain team’s ambition is to carve out a large corner of this market. This will be easier said than done – as the development of a global system, with multiple languages, currencies, and regulations, is incredibly complex and technically challenging. However, the Dacxi Chain appears up to the task. With 5 years of development already under its belt, the platform has proven itself an early mover and leader in the space. 

The Dacxi Chain is designed for four key groups

  1. Investors who seek genuine financial opportunities 
  2. Innovators who need access to global venture funding in order to level up their business
  3. Venture funders who seek a global pool of ventures to bolster the number of opportunities available 
  4. Cryptocurrency investors who recognize that the Dacxi Chain will lead to exponential growth in the market value of Dacxi Coin – the platform’s native cryptocurrency (more on this soon). 

Tokenization, blockchain, and the Dacxi Chain

The creation of a worldwide ecosystem – capable of facilitating thousands of investments made by millions of investors annually – relies heavily on blockchain technology and tokenization. These two technological revolutions have the power to solve many of the issues inherent in crowdfunding as we know it today and to clear many of the roadblocks on the path to creating a frictionless global system. The Dacxi Chain relies on the below seven blockchain solutions. 

  1. Trustless equity custody 
  2. Tokenization of equity ownership
  3. International investor [KYC] verification
  4. Cryptocurrency-based international payment solution
  5. Trustless transaction solutions
  6. Trustless share registry solutions
  7. Network of tokenized Secondary Exchanges 

Developing the required technology

The Dacxi Chain team has been working on the technology required since 2017. Throughout the process, the skilled team has originated a number of completely new technological processes. 

The Dacxi Chain’s requirement to cope with multiple languages, currencies and regulatory environments proved the dev team’s biggest challenge. The solution was to separate the Dacxi Chain into a sophisticated triple-layered technology stack:

  1. Application Layer – the global Information system
  2. Transaction Layer – how ownership and payments are transferred
  3. Blockchain Layer – how transaction/ownership is recorded and verified

Dacxi Coin’s role within the Dacxi Chain

As we touched on earlier, Dacxi Coin is the cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain. It is used to facilitate international investment transfers. It is also the currency used for the Dacxi Chain’s tokenized exchanges. It pays for Dacxi Chain blockchain fees and staking of blockchain writer nodes. Dacxi Coin itself is an ERC20 token. It is created using the Proof of Stake validation protocol, which means it is energy-efficient. When the Dacxi Chain is fully operational, demand for Dacxi Coin is expected to reach remarkable heights. With thousands of deals processed globally, all enabled by Dacxi Coin, the numbers required could easily reach the billions.

Where you can purchase Dacxi Coin

The Dacxi Chain believes it is a game-changer in the crowdfunding space. After evaluating the risks and considering crypto’s highs and lows, if you wish to purchase Dacxi Coin you can do so on HitBTC, BitForex, UNISWAP and CONSBIT.  

You can also purchase Dacxi Coin at – where you can also find more info and register your interest in this exciting new revolution in crowdfunding. 

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