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SteelSeries Launches Its Next-Gen Apex Pro TKL Keyboards


Available today, the next-gen builds on its predecessor’s greatest features with new and customizable OmniPoint 2.0 switches. There’s also a , though of course, budget-minded shoppers may want to stick with the wired version.

We’re always impressed by SteelSeries’ Apex keyboards, including the models that launched last month. But the Apex Pro TKL is something special; the new OmniPoint 2.0 switches respond 11 times faster than typical mechanical switches (they have a 0.54ms response time, to be specific).

Plus, OmniPoint 2.0 offers customizable per-key actuation between 0.2mm to 3.8mm, with 37 different actuation levels to choose from. Actuation can be changed on the fly, so you can quickly swap between a fast actuation (for gaming) and a more rigid actuation (for productivity).

And interestingly, OmniPoint 2.0 supports “2-in-1 key presses,” which let you set two points of actuation to a single key. Let’s say you place two points of actuation on the “W” key—you can press it lightly to walk forward in a game, or press it hard to run.

Of course, the new Apex Pro TKL has insanely customizable RGB and a fairly slim profile. It also packs a small OLED display, which can show you game, chat, or system information.

The wired is available today for $190. You can also buy (which uses 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Dual Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0) for a cool $250.

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