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A Leading Ketamine Treatment Clinic For Alcoholism Is Expanding: Here's The Latest

A psychedelics R&D biotech company, known for providing novel treatments for addictions, is opening a new ketamine clinic

Awakn Life Sciences Corp. AWKNF just signed a five-year lease in Oslo as part of the company’s Nordic expansion plans.

Awakn’s new Norwegian premises will be larger than the existing one, which it will replace.

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The new six-treatment room clinic, located close to Oslo’s center, will have an increased capacity for treating clients and potentially act as a research and clinical trials site.

“We are very excited by this progress and feel it is the right time to begin our Nordic expansion plans,” Awakn CEO Anthony Tennyson said. “The reception to Awakn since our opening in Norway has been excellent and with our new location, we will have the capacity to treat a significantly higher number of clients, who unfortunately are in desperate need of a new more effective treatment.”

The new clinic is expected to complete renovations in early 2023 and open in the second quarter of the year.

Additionally, Awakn is planning to open a second facility in Norway in 2023, to be located in the city of Trondheim.

Awakn’s regional director Dr. Lowan Stewart, a renowned figure in the Nordic medical community, will lead the Oslo clinic. Stewart is responsible for the adoption of ketamine therapy into Norway’s public healthcare system.

The company also has two separate ketamine treatment protocols that are applied considering the client’s mental health condition to be treated, Awakn CMO Ben Sessa told Benzinga earlier this year

Specifically, the Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) protocol has provided such robustly positive results that the company has partnered with several ketamine centers across North America for licensing agreements towards the implementation of this therapy in businesses not owned by Awakn.

Photo courtesy of RODNAE Productions on Pexels and Doc James on Wikimedia Commons.

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