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Now That You Have Money, Do These Things to Stay Humble

Congratulations! You have a job or business that brings you money. Your career is looking promising, and you have great plans for your future. But do you know the love of money is the root of all evil? If you’re not careful, you might be tempted to do terrible things to make more money. Don’t you watch Nollywood? 

But don’t worry. If you follow this article, your appetite will be put in check, and you’ll learn to stay content and humble. 

Once a month, drink garri for five straight days

When you were in the trenches, garri was your best friend. Now, because you’re making small money, you’re eating creamy pasta every day. Where was creamy pasta when you were suffering? Remember, and pay respects to the days of your little beginning. 

Give out all your salary, and live on ₦20k every month

Think about it. If someone gave you all their money when you were broke, wouldn’t you have been happy? What do you actually need ₦250k for every four weeks? Vanity upon vanity.

P.S. Reach out to me. I’m in the trenches 😪. 

Don’t use any iPhone higher than iPhone 5s

If it’s not that you want to show off and waste your money, why are you using any iPhone higher than the 5s? It can call, text, tweet, browse Zikoko and download Netflix. And it has an earphone jack. What else do you need in a phone? 

Stop going out on weekends

If you’re making your money through hard work, you won’t blow it on drinks every weekend. You sef, think about it. Again, people only do things like this to show off. 

The only weekend outing that’s not considered showing off is going to your place of worship and coming for Z! Fest. Those are necessities.

Use only public transportation

Maitama to Area 1 is ₦250 max if you enter along, but you want to show you have money, so you spend ₦4.3m on a car to do the same journey. Do you know what that money can do in someone else’s life? Hmmm. 

Once your account enters ₦500k, quit your job

What are you doing with more than ₦500k in your bank account? What do you want to buy? You can’t spend all the money you accumulate when you die o. And in this life, anyone can die at any time.

If your job offers you a raise, say no

We’re talking about reducing the amount of money that comes into your pocket, and you want to collect more money? This is stinginess, greed and pride. Come off it. Money can’t do anything for you. 

Only buy 500MB of data monthly

What are you browsing that you can’t use 500MB for? Abi you want to watch porn? 

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