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A Chemical Engineer, Fitness Coach & A Twin… Here is Marvin’s Life Before #BBTitans

Now that Big Brother is back on TV and you’ve met the Titans, it’s time to find out what the housemates were up to before the show.

First up is Marvin, the fitness coach. He says that he is a cute boy with brains. In addition to being a fitness trainer, he is also a model, a TV personality, the USA Physique Champion, a Chemical Engineer, and has degrees in both Mathematics and Chemistry.

Here are a few things we found out about Marvin before he entered the BBTitans house:

He auditioned on America’s Got Talent and made it to through to the next round:

He made an appearance in season 5 of Netflix’s “The Circle

You can also call him “Shredded to the Core”: 

Speaking on his fitness journey and why he chose the name Shredded to the Core, he said, “At the time I was really skinny and that was when everyone called me starving Marvin. I didn’t know anything about fitness, but I knew I wanted to get big & shredded maybe that will stop people from calling me starving Marvin. So in 2014 while I was creating my Instagram page, I needed a username and guess what? Even though I was skinny and known as starving Marvin, I set my username as “Shredded to the Core”, and continuously told myself I wanted to be shredded to the core. Shredded to the core is not just a name to me, it was and still is my goal and standard I set for myself years ago.”

He’s a fitness coach with his own website, app, protein product and sportswear line:

He has a degree in Chemical Engineering

Marvin graduated in 2019 with a degree in Chemical Engineering  and minors in Mathematics and Chemistry.

He’s a twin. Meet his twin brother, Kevin:

USA Physique Champion:

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