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Chidi Mokeme Has Been On Our Screens Since the 90s! See Some Of His Best Roles

Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme has been trending for his amazing performance in “Shanty Town” as the lead character, Scar.

His first major roles were in Nollywood dramas in the early 90s. His film credits include: “Desperadoes“, “First Lady“, “Promise Me Forever,” “Armageddon King“, “Crisis In Marriage“,  “Crime Planner,” “Back Drop,” “Hitch“, and so many more.

He acted the role of Monday Osunbor in the crime thriller “Anini.” In 2014, he was in a film titled “Raging Passion.” In Izu Ojukwu‘s historical fiction film “’76,” he played the antagonist, Major Gomos. He also appeared in Kayode Kasum‘s drama The Therapist,” which was released in 2021.

Well, we thought to remind you of some of his best features so far.

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