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Is Getting High In 10 Minutes Without The Respiratory Health Risks Possible? Company Clams It Is With New THC Oral Spray

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. PBIO announced results from initial consumer focus group testing of a THC Nanoemulsion Oral Spray prepared using PBI’s Ultra Shear Technology platform. Preparation of the THC Nanoemulsion Oral Spray was completed by PBI’s California-based partner companies, including Crème De Canna.

John B. Hollister, PBI’s director of sales and marketing, stated: “Cannabinoids like THC are oil-soluble molecules that are typically poorly absorbed when ingested by our water-based human bodies. For THC edibles, most consumers report waiting 30-60 minutes for first effects and 60-90 minutes to peak effects. Impatient consumers may repeatedly consume their edibles, only to be unhappily over-dosed two hours later. Conversely, smoking and vaping produce first effects immediately and peak effects quickly but are increasingly in disfavor for the well-known respiratory health consequences that accumulate.”

Hollister continued: “PBI’s partners in California used our revolutionary UltraShear platform to prepare extreme nanoemulsions of THC into an Oral Spray for consumer testing. Multiple test groups have confirmed that the UltraShear Nanoemulsion THC Oral Spray produces first effects between 1-10 minutes, often in the first 1-5 minutes, with peak effects reached in 15-60 minutes, often within 15-30 minutes. This testing has provided dramatic consumer-level validation in the cannabis market for our UltraShear nanoemulsion capabilities and for its expected market-changing impact. We are anticipating substantial revenues from the first THC UltraShear Nanoemulsion Oral Spray to be marketed by our California partners, beginning in this quarter.”

Jonathan Kolodinski, president of CdC, stated: Crème De Canna is very excited to partner with PBI on the development of this groundbreaking dosing modality that will disrupt the global cannabis marketplace. This innovative product has strongly addressed the needs and concerns from both the edibles and inhalation sides of the cannabis consumer marketplace. It provides an easy to use, reliable, and healthy alternative dosing format, with the immediate onset and consistent experience associated with inhalables but without the respiratory health risks, and it eliminates the frustrating delayed effects, imprecision, and frequent overdosing associated with edibles, as well as the calories!”

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