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Lilian Afegbai and Taymesan had a lot to talk about in this episode of “Tea With Tay”

Nigerian actress and film producer, Lilian Afegbai, is Taymesan‘s guest on the latest episode of his podcast show, “Tea With Tay.”

In this episode, Lilian talks about growing up, her childhood in Benin City, her first foray into acting, almost getting expelled from university, being a housemate on Big Brother Africa, what she’s learned so far, and lots more.

On her childhood: 

It was okay. So, I mean, we never really used to interact with people. It was just school, home for me. And then, obviously I went to a catholic school because we were Catholics. Our Ladies of Apostles private school, Airport road. It was one of the biggest schools then, way back. It was nice, it was fun, I mean, I think I was calm. I was an amazing kid growing up but then, I always wanted to do this entertainment stuff because even from primary school, I would go for, like I would tell my parents that I want to go for Maltina Dance Hall. I was always screaming for these things. From primary school, I always wanted to do all these things I am doing now and started then. You will see me go for competitions, you see fill forms. If something comes to school, I want to do it. I was in all those things like it’s crazy. Even in church, even when I entered secondary school, I remember when they wanted to give me labor prefect, I was the labor prefect in my school. I was still acting as the drama team lead, so I have always just been in all these things so you know, growing up was quite interesting. Throughout my secondary school I was in boarding school.

Her experience with her first movie:

I started acting fully in BIU. My first movie that I did, they almost expelled me from school because I had a sex scene with Jim Iyke. So when the movie came out, then I was young, I didn’t even have a boyfriend, I was just young, I was acting, make-believe. It was just a lot, and people in the school, you know how jealousy now, people started telling our Reverend Seb’s wife and so they brought the movie to school, they said I acted an illicit scene, they fixed a panel, I thought I was going to get expelled. I was scared. It was a Christian school and when people start talking about things in school and making it a thing, you actually face a panel. When I went to the panel, I started making them understand that I am Christian, I would never do anything to jeopardize my Christian faith but then this is acting ma, it’s make believe. Thank God for God. I always had God sha.

Watch the full interview below:

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