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New Album Dedicates Each Song To A Specific Entheogenic Experience: Nutritious' 'Divinity,' Via Liquid Culture

Artist remixer, DJ and Liquid Culture Records founder Nutritious has dropped a full-length album, “Divinity,” under his new label, a community of artists and creators dedicated to preserving and furthering the psychedelic experience.

Each song on the album — “First Trip,” “Azzies,” “Midnight Muscaria,” and “Tree Frog,” to name a few — is dedicated to a specific, unique entheogenic experience. The cover art was designed by popular multimedia artist Emily Eizen.

“The purpose of ‘Divinity’ is to push forward the awareness that entheogens are more than just healing medicines,” shares Nutritious. “They exist to help us reclaim our connection to the divine — to our cosmic, infinite, supernatural, g-dlike nature.”

Fan favorite “Ket” is the second song on “Divinity,” and channels the experience of astral travel provided by dissociative anesthetics like its namesake. “The looping baritone vocal is inner consciousness calling on itself to travel deeper and deeper into this often unexplored, completely vast space full of beauty and possibilities,” observes Nutritious. “The song itself was inspired by particular experiences where I’ve floated and traveled between objects, planets, and portals in space and the full sensory recall of those often several hour long trips.”

Nutritious recently performed at DoubleBlind Magazines’s Mycologia Festival in California. He was selected to perform at The Whitney Museum of American Art and he’s made repeat appearances for Ultra Music Festival, Rodarte for New York Fashion Week, Le Bain, Cielo, Pete Tong’s Evolution FM in the USA, E.S.L. in D.C., Ace Hotel NY, and more. He is a regular contributor for Magnetic Magazine and a contributing author to the New York Times bestselling book “Living Well: 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health, and Feel Spectacular” with celebrity talk show host Montel Williams. He’s scored several films executive produced by the late Danny Aiello and appears in two feature films: “#Lucky Number” starring Method Man, and “Before We Were Kings” alongside Moby, Sander Kleinenberg and Wolfgang Gartner. Nutritious original music is also featured on the soundtracks.

Having learned on vinyl, he currently performs on 3­ to 4 Pioneer digital turntables plus DSP FX, using them as live instruments, bending music and tone, remixing and re­-editing on the spot, often blurring the line between organic and electronic. Through his approach, he delivers two distinct shows: Uptempo (indie dance, house, techno) and Downtempo (edits, nu-disco, funk, soul). An improvisational musician since childhood, he also sits-in with bands and other DJs, like his prolific 2×4 with DJ Logic at Catskill Chill Festival. He’s opened Mushroom Jazz shows for Mark Farina in various cities in the US and internationally on Jam Cruise.

The name Nutritious is drawn from his studies in holistic nutrition. While touring, he graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts (NGIHCA) which has also informed his consulting work with celebrities like Diddy, supermodel Emme, Bad Boy Entertainment, and more.

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