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LEGO Mario Rides Donkey Kong and Pumps Iron in Upcoming Sets


In observation of Mario Day, LEGO just unveiled two new LEGO Mario expansions—a Donkey Kong character pack, plus the Dry Bowser Castle Battle set. These might be the weirdest additions to the LEGO Mario universe; not only can Mario ride Donkey Kong, but he can lift weights in Dry Bowser’s gym.

LEGO’s Dry Bowser Castle Battle set features 1,321 pieces, including unique characters like Dry Bowser, Purple Toad, and Bone Goomba. The goal is to save Toad and launch Dry Bowser off his castle, though there are plenty of hidden chests and other secrets to find in this set.

Of course, I’m more interested in Dry Bowser’s gym, which takes up a huge portion of the castle. It contains a functional bench press and punching bag. Evidently, Mario collects coins when he exercises in Dry Bowser’s gym—it’s weird, but I love seeing Mario pump some iron.

LEGO also teased the upcoming Donkey Kong character pack. Unfortunately, we only know one thing about this character pack; Mario can ride Donkey Kong. Other details, including the launch date and pricing, are unknown. (Though LEGO says that Donkey Kong will arrive “this summer.”)

These LEGO Mario expansions were unveiled during a short event, which you can watch on YouTube. The Dry Bowser Castle Battle set launches August 1st for $110. We don’t know anything about the Donkey Kong character pack at this time.

Source: LEGO

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