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The Legacy Cannabis Company That Works With Biggest Brands In The Country And Can Help You Get A Job

Loriel Alegrete is the CEO and co-founder of 40 Tons, a woman-owned cannabis company whose unique modus operandi unites the essential sectors of the industry from legacy to multi-state operators (MSOs) under a shared goal of furthering the booming industry while by including those who actually started it and kept it going strong for decades: the legacy cannabis operators.

Alegrete, who will speak at the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami will talk about one of the company’s most unique programs: 40 Tons Careers whose mission is to “close the gap in restorative justice and diversity” in the cannabis industry by connecting people with top employers and educational institutions. 

By bridging the gap for BIPOC communities and those with past cannabis convictions, 40 Tons has grabbed the attention of companies such as Curaleaf CURLF, Verano VRNOF, GTI Grows GTBIF GTII, Woah Flow and Acreage Holdings ACRDF and more with whom it has strategic partnerships.

How does it work, you ask? Jobs…more explicitly, job fairs.

Founded in Dec. 2020 by Alegrete along with Anthony Alegrete and Corvain Cooper, both of whom spent time in prison for cannabis, 40 Tons runs a unique and imminently practical program that connects people who need work with top employers. After all, the cannabis industry is quickly becoming one of the nation’s top employers, according to Cannabizteam Worldwide’s 2023 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, which projects an increase of 108,000 cannabis jobs for this year alone.  

Career Conferences

Alegrete says 40 Tons, which has its own cannabis products, is holding its largest career conference to date this coming June 4th in Chicago Illinois with plans for more in NYC and California this year as well. The company also has a new manufacturing and distribution deal in California. 

“There is no other brand out there that has products and also their own career conference. This allows us to cross-market and promote because most of the people that want to work in this industry are also consumers. And we build a model where when you buy our products, you’re actually contributing to cannabis restorative justice,” Alegrete told Benzinga. “We want to connect with our customers in a different way. It’s not just about buying weed, it’s about buying weed from a company that is giving back directly to its community and making a sustainable positive impact.” 

Meet Loriel Alegrete in person at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami Beach’s historic Fontainebleau Hotel on April 11-12. This is where to get DEALS DONE, money raised and M&A jumpstarted. Meet investors, cannabis advocates and key partners. Secure your tickets now before prices go up.



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