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Apple’s VisionOS Beta 6 Release Unveils Onboarding Videos For Its Highly-Anticipated Mixed Reality Headset


Apple Inc. AAPL has rolled out new onboarding videos in its latest visionOS beta release for the forthcoming Vision Pro headset, providing users a headstart navigating the innovative device.

What Happened: Apple launched the sixth beta of its Vision Pro operating system, visionOS, exclusively for developers with the Vision Pro Developer Kit. The latest beta unveiled new onboarding videos in the internal files, reported 9To5Mac. 

The videos offer a guide on maneuvering the visionOS interface, featuring a 35-second tutorial on using the two-finger tap gesture for on-screen element selection. The Vision Pro system uses eye and hand movements from users for system navigation.

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A separate video showcases the creation of a 3D “Persona” for FaceTime calls via the headset, resembling the process of registering a new face on an iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

The build number for the visionOS beta 6 has substantially increased, indicating that a stable version is imminent. 

The Vision Pro headset is projected to be available in stores by early 2024.

Why It Matters: The Vision Pro headset is Apple’s latest endeavor to stimulate revenue growth amidst a period of sluggish expansion. Earlier this month, it was reported that while Apple exceeded Q4 estimates, it projected a holiday quarter similar to last year, defying Wall Street’s expectations of a robust quarter.

This comes as Apple’s Vision Pro prepares to square off with competitors in the VR industry, prominently Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset, which was unveiled in September

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