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Bitcoin, Ether Move Higher: Bitfinex Advises Prudence Going Forward


As the global economy grapples with fluctuating markets and tightening lending standards, Bitcoin‘s BTC/USD trajectory offers a unique perspective on the future of finance.

The Bitfinex Alpha report, closely tied to discussions at the upcoming Benzinga Future of Digital Assets conference, sheds light on the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency amidst these economic shifts.

With Bitcoin’s market capitalization nearing a staggering $750 billion and the broader crypto market approaching $1.5 trillion, the digital currency stands at a pivotal point, reflecting broader economic trends and consumer behaviors.

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s value, with a notable 35% increase in the past month and an impressive 120% over the past year, has brought the cryptocurrency into sharp focus.

On Nov. 9, Bitcoin reached a high of $38,000, leading to significant market movements.

This growth comes amidst a backdrop of tightened lending standards in the US, impacting both businesses and consumers.

The Federal Reserve’s rate hikes since early 2022 have led to a decrease in loan demand, particularly in home mortgages, as interest rates soar to 7.5%.

Despite these challenges, the Bitfinex Alpha report highlights a potential shift in the economic tide.

Short-term holder Realised Price (STH RP) stands at $30,388, with holders maintaining their positions for 155 days or less.

This data suggests a cautious optimism in the market, hinting at the possible end stages of a bear market and the dawn of a new bull market.

The report also delves into the changing borrowing behaviors of businesses and consumers.


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With soaring interest rates reshaping borrowing patterns, there’s a noticeable decline in loan demand.

Yet, it remains uncertain if this trend will persist.

The increasing reliance on credit cards, a direct consequence of the difficulty in securing alternative loans, raises concerns about repayment capabilities amid growing debts.

Furthermore, the US household economic outlook remains pessimistic, despite high employment rates and post-pandemic wage increases.

This sentiment is fueled by persistent inflation and contradictory consumer expectations regarding gasoline prices, which have been decreasing since September.

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