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Trump’s Niece Says Monday’s Gag Order Hearing Went Horribly For Ex-President: Explains Why He Can Certainly Land Up In Jail


Following a hearing on Monday, a three-judge panel of the DC U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals suggested it could reimpose some of the limited gag orders on Donald Trump in the 2020 election subversion case. The former president’s niece Mary Trump weighed in on the development and its implications for her uncle.

Setback For Trump: Monday’s gag order hearing has gone horribly for Donald, said Mary Trump in a substack post. Circuit Judges Brad Garcia and Patricia Millett discussed the very real threats to Judge Tanya Chutkan’s life, while the latter drew an important distinction between “campaign rhetoric” and speech “aimed at derailing or corrupting the criminal justice process,” she noted.

Millett’s comments are an indication that the judge is not sold on Donald Trump’s team’s argument that a gag order is a total violation of the former president’s “First Amendment” rights, Mary Trump said, citing CNN’s Devan Cole.

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Trump Can’t Claim Immunity: Mary Trump cited comments from “Call to Activism” Attorney Joe Gallina, who said it was a bad day for Donald Trump.

“Even a dispassionate reading of today’s hearing shows that at least one, and probably two out of the three judges ALREADY agree that SOME gag order should be reimposed on Donald Trump,” Gallina said. The former president has shown a consistent disregard for gag orders and it’s also very likely that violating such an order will land him in jail, he said.

Gallina also weighed in on the legal distinctions Millett made and said the judge has clarified that simply being a presidential candidate doesn’t mean “Donald Trump is free to undermine his cases or prejudice the outcome of the cases against him.”

Mary Trump said having known her uncle personally, she can vouch that he was 100% incapable of restraining himself. “If that gag order [gets] reimposed there is a good chance he’ll violate it,” she said.

“If Donald is in a situation where saying the wrong things can land him in jail, that’s almost certainly what will happen,” she added.

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