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Bitcoin ETFs More Likely ‘Off-Ramp For Whales’ Than ‘On-Ramp For Traditional Investors’: Analyst


Bitcoin BTC/USD exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are emerging not as a gateway for mainstream investors but as an offramp for seasoned whales, according to Schwab Network‘s Oliver Renick.

The stock market has undergone changes — valuations, a critical factor in gains, have fallen from pandemic highs. Market concentration in giants and small-caps’ unique bear performance, despite a high S&P 500, paint a diverse challenging picture.

Strong cash flow, profits and dividends now drive outperformance, excluding some assets.

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Bitcoin’s Unique Market Position: Bitcoin stands out, says Renick, behaving similarly to stocks in market dynamics but fundamentally differing through lack of cash flows, earnings or dividends. This unique characteristic sets it apart as skepticism grows around unprofitable risk assets.

The introduction of Spot ETFs for Bitcoin was a milestone, marking the cryptocurrency‘s full integration into the traditional financial system.

However, this integration has not necessarily translated into widespread adoption by traditional investors.

ETFs Are Not The Gateway For New Investors: Renick’s perspective from two years ago suggested that Bitcoin ETFs would serve more as an exit strategy for whales rather than an entry point for traditional investors. This prediction seems to be materializing.

While Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust GBTC and other ETFs attracted substantial inflows, the overall price of Bitcoin has declined.

This trend indicates a disconnect between the inflows into Bitcoin ETFs and the cryptocurrency’s price performance.

Technical Challenges And The Bull Case: With technical support levels possibly found at $35,000 and $30,000, making a strong case for Bitcoin’s bullish future has become increasingly challenging.

The market’s current stance on risk assets and Bitcoin’s limited role as a monetary agent contribute to the skepticism.

The expectation that Bitcoin would behave like gold or offer portfolio diversification has been disproven by its high volatility and lack of correlation with traditional safe-haven assets.

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