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No One Loves Red Like North American Car Drivers, Report Reveals


North American car drivers are seemingly simultaneously dull and bright. While a whopping majority of North American drivers prefer their vehicles in dull colors, they are also the biggest fans of red cars around the globe.

Most Popular Vehicle Colors In The Region: 80% of the North American driver population opted for white, black, gray, or silver vehicles in 2023, according to BASF‘s annual report on vehicle coatings. Headquartered in Germany, BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world.

The most popular in the geography was white, followed by black and then silver. Shades of silver gained market share in the year after automakers retired several gray colors, the report noted.

However, despite the affinity for dull colors, North American drivers are also the biggest fans of red cars from all across the globe. In 2023, 8% of North Americans opted for a red color, well above the global average of 4%. The same holds true for blue, with 9% of the population opting for blue as compared to the global average of 8%. However, blue is still more popular in EMEA countries where it accounts for 11% of vehicles produced.

“We’re experiencing the same shift that other regions are seeing. The old standard color palette no longer applies. Lighter shades are getting more popular, taking market share from gray. More and more choices have effects pigments to give them intensity and excitement,” BASF Color Designer for North America Elizabeth M Hoffmann said.

Colors Round The Globe: North Americans are not unique in their preference for duller colors. However, while white continues to be the most popular choice across regions, its market share declined last year as black surged in popularity at the expense of white.

While blue and red are more popular among brighter colors around the world, green, beige, brown, orange, yellow, and violet also occupy a small market share.

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