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8 Nigerian Reality Stars Who Must Be on Love Island

After years of accusing Big Brother’s children of turning his house into Love Island, we’re finally getting a Love Island Nigeria.

It isn’t the first time it’s been announced, so we’re not sure we should trust them or invest our time and energy into better things — like complaining about the government.

We’ve really been complaining all year

As we decide on what to do, the producers should just start placing calls to these reality stars as soon as possible.

Saga from “Big Brother Naija”

Will it really be Love Island without THE BBN lover boy? We thought Ozo was doing a lot, then Saga came and showed us how to root for ships that may never sail. The producers should ask him to pack his trunks and baby oil, or they can leave us be.

Possible love interest: Liquorose. Have you seen their TikToks? We’re not sure yet, but we need to put our suspicions to the test.

Neo from “Big Brother Naija”

His first time on Big Brother, he was fighting over soup with Vee and giving us a sprinkle of toxic love. The second time around, he came in single and had half the girls in the house thirsting over him. We hope the Love Island producers see what they see and drag him to their island.

Possible love interest: Chioma Ikokwu. They’d eat as a couple, but all of this is really wishful thinking because big Baj would be there, and who knows if she’ll let Neo roam free?

Tolani Baj from “Big Brother Naija”

Do we want to see what happens if Neo and Big Baj are in a confined space again? Yes, but we also need her there to spice things up because what’s Love Island without the drama?

Possible love interest:

Emmanuel Ikubuese. TBaj might have to fight the other islander babes while holding onto Neo with her other hand, but we believe in her powers. There’s nothing too big for big Baj to handle.

Emmanuel Ikubese from “Mr Nigeria”

We really just want him there for eye candy. He can strut around the pool with his chest out to test all the couples on the island. 

Possible love interest: Tolani Baj. He might roam the island on his own for a couple days, but once she sets her eyes on him, that’ll be the end of his single status.

Doyin from “Big Brother Naija”

We honestly can’t say she’d last long on the Island. However, we know she’ll give hot, unhinged drama for however long her fellow islanders and the public allow.

Possible love interest: Eric. She’ll need someone to talk to when she takes breaks from starting fires around the Island, 

Eric from “Big Brother Naija”

The man was in Biggie’s house for a week and served couple goals with Lilo, then went on Bae Beyond Boarders to find love again. Like Scott, he’s clearly serious about giving love a chance. Who are we to stop him?

Possible love interest: Indomie. If they stock indomie on that island, he’ll spend all his time away from everyone else.

Chioma Ikokwu from “Real Housewives of Lagos”

Yes, she was on the Real Housewives of Lagos. No, she isn’t a housewife, which means to the best of our knowledge, she’s single. The producers should start begging her and her face card to grace their island for as long as she wishes (If they vote her out, we’ll sneak her back in).

Possible love interest: Neo. An aesthetically pleasing couple is all we want to see.

Liquorose from “Big Brother Naija”

We know what she and Saga do with their TikTok videos is just acting. But the producers should bring her in, we want to see something.

Possible love interest: Saga. Either they prove us right and fall in love, or they stay as a friendship couple. 

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