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Elon Musk Shuts Down Snoop Dogg’s Request For Free Tesla: ‘Everyone Pays Full Price … Including Me’


Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk responded negatively on Sunday to rapper Snoop Dogg’s nearly two-year-old request for a Tesla.

What Happened: Musk, in a post on X, stated, “Everyone pays full price for a Tesla, including me,” in response to Dogg’s request video. 

In the video, posted by Dogg in April 2022, the rapper mentioned that one of Musk’s associates offered him a Tesla at his show. 

“This is a message for Elon Musk. Nephew, I need a Tesla,” Dogg said. “Still waiting. Do I have to buy one? Or you gonna send me one? It’s the D-O-Dub, cuz. Get to it and do it, and congrats on Twitter.” 

Dogg is already a Tesla driver, having purchased a white Model X SUV in 2017, a video of which he posted on Instagram.

Why It Matters: Musk’s mother and model Maye Musk previously stated that Musk received no discount when he bought her a Tesla. 

When a family member requested a family discount, Musk seemingly responded, “Everybody’s family when you buy a Tesla.”

Tesla currently offers five vehicles: Model X, Model Y, Model 3, Model S, and the Cybertruck. The cheapest Tesla vehicle, the Model 3, starts at $38,990, while the premium version of the Cybertruck, nicknamed the Cyberbeast, starts at about $99,990.

Many X users noted that the rapper can afford a Tesla with his estimated net worth of about $160 million.

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