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England v Austria: women’s international football friendly – live

46 min: Back away we go, and on comes Lottie Wubben-Mooy for Alex Greenwood, and Lauren James is also on the field, with Lauren Hemp vacating.

New England, much like the old England. Russo’s goal was well taken, as was the impressive debutant Clinton. Good to have Beth Mead back and scoring. Austria haven’t been great but they have occasionally showed England’s weaknesses at the back, and at set pieces.

45+2 min: Austria breaking up more play now. They seem to play better when two goals behind.

45+1 min: Four minutes are added on. Maybe for the goals, there’s been few stoppages otherwise

45 min: Campbell and Dunst link for an Austrian attack, and now for another corner. This time, Campbell climbs highest – the Austrians getting there first again – but misses.

43 min: Austria trying to press high now. Seems like a case of the horse bolting. They’ve been poor in open play, and only that set piece showed off any of their strengths.

41 min: Mead blazes down the left and Russo is baulked in attempting a Phil Jones low dive. She’ll be OK, it seems.

40 min: An England free-kick and Stanway’s stab is knocked behind. All England here.

39 min: That’s a decent reflection of England’s dominance. Mead had been quiet while retaining her latent threat.

England are queuing up, their high press means the ball is spinning around the Austrian box. Mead cuts in, left foot, rocket and goal. What a player.

36 min: Hemp out wide, and trying to send Niamh Charles down the left. Eventually, Hemp zings in a shot and the rebound evades Mead. Zinsberger’s now needing to have a good game to keep the scores down.

34 min: From long distance, Russo shoots at Zinsberger. This time there’s no problem for the keeper.

32 min: England try to hit back, Russo scrabbling in the wet and playing in Toone for a shot that whips wide. Close but we have a game on here. How long for? Let’s see.

Austria have a corner, and they have a goal. The ball is drilled in and on her 99th cap, Kirchberger heads in, and accompanied. That was poor marking from the Lionesses.

29 min: Ooof, that weather looks grim, just like London today in fact. Clinton continues to put herself about, Puntigam on the end of a hefty challenge. Spectators meanwhile are breaking for shelter in the squall.

26 min: Clinton is giving it everything and battling away in midfield. She’s put herself in the window; she’s only on loan at Spurs, unable to find a space at Manchester United.

24 min: An Austrian attack. Dunst gets to the line, whips a ball in and there’s Greenwood to receive it and set up a counter. Austria clear the danger anxiously.

22 min: So much for a sunshine break; it’s piddling down in Spain. That will only add zip to the England passing.

21 min: Austria haven’t been up to much but it’s the Lionesses as we remember them before their Nations League woes.

She doesn’t have to wait long. England play some lovely, intricate passing and Hemp drifts to the back post for Clinton to score on debut. She’s attacked the ball every time it’s gone forward and there’s her reward.

16 min: Mead and Hemp switch wings, and Grace Clinton, the debutant, takes a swing and smashes the ball off the post. Nearly a true glory night for her. It still could be.

15 min: Charles Antaki gets in touch: “One-eyed club fan’s perspective: Mead, terrific; Russo, superb; Zinsberger; well, Arsenal do have another goalkeeper.”

13 min: Toone on the charge, Russo on the end of it with Mead waiting at the other end. The ball doesn’t make it across. Russo is leading the line well.

10 min: Lauren Hemp on a familiar charge, and she forces a corner. This one is cleared well enough. England lacking Rachel Daly, Lucy Bronze and Millie Bright from the usual set-plays operators.

9 min: Niamh Charles, playing at left-back, gives away a free-kick England must defend, and Hampton, in for Mary Earps, climbs high and claims with some command.

7 min: England look comfortable in spraying the ball around. Austria are familiar foes even for this unfamiliar England lineup.

5 min: Mead is the target of another pass out wide, and she’s showing what the Lionesses missed at the World Cup with her zest.

4 min: That didn’t take long and the Arsenal goalkeeper was culpable. All it took was a ball out wide and Mead to do her usual attacking of the space.

Beth Mead finds space, zings in a shot and Zinsberger makes a horlicks of it, and Russo, poacher supreme, slots in.

2 min: It’s so quiet we can hear the chatter of some fans near the boom mics. Think like the people ordering drinks in the Velvet Underground’s Live At Max’s Kansas City as Lou and the gang riff away.

1 min: And away we go in Spain. Let’s see how this much-changed England team get on.

The teams are out in Algericas, and it’s a tad empty, the stadium. Or the sky is; they are not playing at one of Spain’s great citadels here. The anthem is sung not especially loudly but whatever.

Via our roving reporter in Algericas.

That England starting XI: A debut for midfielder Grace Clinton, while Chelsea goalkeeper Hannah Hampton starts; she’s been playing well of late. Alex Greenwood captains the side, with Manchester United’s Maya Le Tissier (no, no relation) her central defensive partner.

Swedish international Magdalena Eriksson joins the team to pen the latest Moving The Goalposts. Sign up to the newsletter. It’s absolutely free.

Now it is time for the Nations League semi-finals. France face Germany and the Netherlands have the unenviable task of taking on Spain. When I think about what makes them so formidable, I’d start with two things: the amount of quality players and that winning culture, which begins with their youth national teams. They’ve won four of the last five Under-19 Euros and been to the final in seven of the last eight Under-17 Euros. In other words, just reaching a tournament is not enough – their attitude is “we’re going to be there until the end”. The same goes at club level with Barcelona.

Plenty of familiar names, but an unfamiliar lineup.

England: Hampton, Le Tissier, Charles, Stanway, Morgan, Greenwood, Mead, Clinton, Russo, Kirby, Hemp. Subs: Carter, Keating, Toone, Wubben-Moy, James, Bronze, Walsh, Daly, Park, Earps, Turner, Beeves-Jones.

Austria XI: Zinsberger, Schiechtl, Dunst, Zadrazil, Georgieva, Campbell, Kirchberger, Hobinger, Puntigam, Purtscheller, Naschenweng. Subs: Kresche, Pal, D’Angelo, Klein, Pinther, Feiersinger, Billa, Schasching, Hanshaw, Kolb.

More Suzanne from Marbella.

There’s no tournament so that should be an opportunity to get some rest, but because of the window in June and the window in July how are you going to take some time off?” she said. “After that there is some time off, because in England the WSL starts later [21-22 September], but round one of the Champions League starts in early September, which takes away the summer for those players.

That’s what we need to take care of and we’ve asked Fifa and Uefa to look at that and change that in the future so players can have some rest. It’s great that we have players who love football, but we have to take care of them too, so we have to do something about the calendar.

Beth Mead’s back on the scene, as Suzanne Wrack reports.

Little things that are your bread and butter, it is like riding a bike, you get better eventually, but you do get frustrated about things that you used to do in your sleep. You do notice because it’s stuff that you would do day in and day out.

Spanish climes for the Lionesses, and a good view of Morocco, too, with some warm weather training. They’ve been sunning themselves in Marbella, but will play down the coast in another port city, 80 clicks away. After the disappointment of failing to qualify Team GB for the Olympics via the Nations League there’s a sense of renewal about, and regrouping. Sarina Wiegman, for the first time, has to lead her team from a downward curve and the trajectory begins here. This was supposed to be when the Nations League semi-finals were being played by England; instead the calendar is being filled by the Austrians, and Italy on Tuesday.

Kick-off is 7.4pm. Join me.

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