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Expert Decodes Why Brands Splurge On 30-Second Ads At Super Bowl: ‘People Actually Watch It’


VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk believes there is no better bet to gain customer attention than to have an advertisement at the Super Bowl championship.

What Happened: VaymerMedia created the Super Bowl ad for PepsiCo‘s lemon-lime soft drink Starry which will be aired between the first and second quarter of the game. The average cost for a 30-second advertisement spot at the championship is about $7 million.

However, Vaynerchuck is of the opinion that $7 million for a spot at the Super Bowl is totally worth it as people actually watch it. In an interview with CNBC, he said, “Most of the ads, whether on traditional mediums or digital mediums, are not welcome; we don’t want them. But this Sunday, everyone wants to watch these ads.”

The media agency CEO said that by getting a 30-second spot on Super Bowl, one can get the attention of 140 million people which doesn’t happen with a social media or traditional media advertisement.

“I couldn’t on my best day be able to do that and so Superbowl continues to be a bargain at seven million bucks,” the CEO said.

Starry’s Super Bowl Ad: Starry’s new ad stars Grammy-nominated hip hop star Ice Spice with Starry’s animated mascots Lem and Lime. The tagline reads, “It’s Time To See Other Sodas.”

This year’s Super Bowl is scheduled for February 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET. The game between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will be broadcast live on CBS and Nickelodeon.

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