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From iPhone Care Tips To Potential Apple Pencil Upgrade And App Store Security Fears: This Week In Appleverse


This week was bustling with news around Apple Inc. AAPL. From a victory at the Supreme Court to revolutionary product upgrades and some security concerns, Apple’s journey over the past few days has been eventful. Here’s a roundup of the five biggest stories:

Supreme Court Win: The top story is undoubtedly the win of Apple Inc. at the U.S. Supreme Court, marking the end of a 14-year-long feud with VirnetX. The court decided not to hear the patent case, relieving Apple from paying a whopping $502.8 million in damages that was awarded to VirnetX in 2020. The decision upheld the lower court’s ruling, which had overturned the verdict against Apple, and did not challenge the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decisions to invalidate VirnetX’s patents. Read the full article here.

Wet iPhone? Do This: Next up is an important advisory from Apple about caring for your wet iPhone. Contrary to popular belief, Apple’s official documents advise against using uncooked rice to dry a soaked iPhone. The tech giant also warned against using external heat sources, cotton swabs, or paper towels for the purpose. Read the full article here.

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Biggest Apple Pencil Upgrade? A new patent filing suggests that Apple Pencil might be getting its biggest upgrade ever. Apple is reportedly contemplating the introduction of interchangeable sleeves for the Apple Pencil, which could provide users with enhanced controls, sensors, and extended battery life. The patent application, titled “Handheld Input Devices With Sleeves,” was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Read the full article here.

Topping Hardware Reliability: Apple not only dethroned its rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. SSNLF after 13 years but also topped the charts in “hardware reliability,” according to tech analyst Jason Snell’s annual report card. The report assessed Apple’s development in multiple categories, drawing insights from industry experts. Read the full article here.

Sideloading Security Concerns: A recent security breach on the Apple App Store has raised concerns. A counterfeit cryptocurrency application, posing as Rabby Wallet crypto service, was approved by the App Store, duping users out of thousands of dollars. The actual Rabby Wallet app, a product of DeBank Global Pte. Ltd., remains in the App Store review pipeline. Read the full article here.

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